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Oklahoma City food pantry out of supplies

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OKLAHOMA CITY - At WWJD Association, the cupboards in the food pantry are bare.

Not much is left, just mainly bread and water.

"Now two years ago, it was low but this is incredible; just bread and water," Rev. Sandy Lynn Patton said.

Her grassroots ministry mostly serves the folks who live in Oklahoma City's neighborhood of The Flats.

She said demand and need are high this year and the ministry can't keep up.

"When Thanksgiving week comes, it increases," Patton said. "So, well, I've had calls. I was up until midnight last night and then people came before 9 a.m. this morning." 

Patton said she hates having to turn away families that need help but she said the organization is that strapped and donations are down.

"Usually, we have lots of food here, good food and lots of clothes," Patton said. "But we just don't have coats hardly at all. Well, we did have nine, but now we have two or three.  We have no blankets. I have people who've had burnouts, two or three families with burnouts calling me but I don't have anything to give them hardly."

She plans to keep the ministry open but is afraid she won't be able to meet a growing need.