OKC man arrested for carrying firearm while voting

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City man is arrested for an unusual crime.

Police say the suspect tried to vote on election while openly carrying a handgun.

Following an investigation, the man was arrested this week.

The Fountains at Canterbury is retirement village that served as a polling station on election day.

That's where 23-year-old Ethan Sisson showed up to vote openly displaying a handgun on his hip.

"There were several people who saw the suspect openly carrying a gun. It made them uncomfortable, so they contacted election officials there," said Oklahoma City police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow.

That's when a worker at the polling station told Sisson the county election board has a policy to not allow firearms of any kind inside any polling station.

After arguing his rights, Sisson did agree to walk outside, but after retrieving a hat to wear as disguise, Sisson returned to the polling station a short time later and signed up to vote.

Court records explain, "As Sisson placed his ballot into the voting machine, he took off his baseball cap and jacket and exposed his handgun."

Once again Sisson explained to the polling inspector, "it was his constitutional right to have his handgun with him while he voted."

However, since open carry went into effect this month many buildings and private businesses have put up signs announcing the ban on firearms open or concealed.

In those cases, and potentially inside his polling station on election night, Sisson's constitutional right to bear arms apparently doesn't apply.

"If a business owner tells you that you are not allowed to have the gun, you simply have to abide by that and leave," said Wardlow.

Sisson has been released from the Oklahoma County jail on bond.

He's facing a possible misdemeanor charge.

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