Shoppers battle crowds, fights on Black Friday

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- It was the biggest shopping day of the year around the country and Oklahoma City was no different.

Hundreds stood in line, some for days, waiting for stores to open on Black Friday.

Crowds at Best Buy counted down the seconds until the store opened at midnight.

"I've been out here since  Monday just to be first," Yuvraj Rana said.

Once inside, the crowds scattered to get their hands on what would normally be high dollar items.

They were after everything from grills to swing sets.

"We got a Play Station 3," shopper Kayli Odell said. "Let's see, we got a Christmas tree, two electric cars."

There are ways you can save time and money when shopping this weekend.

Workers tell shoppers to make a list and not to stuff things in your cart that aren't on the list.

That way, you don't spend money you didn't plan on spending.

Also, go a little bit later to avoid morning crowds and when you do come in, bring a group to help you get the items on your list so you can end up at the register faster.

However, for those who did end up in the chaos, there were some Black Friday blowout moments.

"A lot of people are getting into fights over video games it's crazy," one teenager said while looking for games.

Despite the frenzy, Odell said it's worth it.

"I don't care. I love to shop, always good to get a deal," she said.

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