In Your Corner: Crooked Contractor

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GUTHRIE, OKLA. - There are growing complaints against Oklahoma contractor, Perry Epley.

He claims to build metal storage buildings for a living, but a number of customers say he’s only out to steal your hard earned cash.  

Michelle Mcknight says Epley took her to the cleaners.

“He is robbing people,” she said. “It's no different than walking up to the house, breaking in the door and stealing from somebody.”

Michelle's out a bunch of cash, not to mention Epley's shoddy work.

What work he did do, has to be ripped out and redone.

“The concrete is all cracked. It's bowing out,” Michelle said. “It's got to be tore up. There's no metal. The metal that is up is loose. It's not even welded.”

We’ve uncovered more complaints of lousy work in Logan county.

Just like Michelle, David Ridgell says he did a background check on Epley. It didn't matter though, because the contractor gave  him a bogus name.

We searched court records using his real name and pulled up pending fraud charges in at least four Oklahoma counties.

“That's a habitual criminal. Get him off the street,” Ridgell said. “Don't ever give him another chance to do anything again.”

Epley's no stranger to hiding from the law.

He’s been a no show in court three times now.

Customers are fed up.

Michelle said, “I want him to pay for what he's doing to everyone.”

Epley's also accused of stiffing suppliers and writing a hot check. 

Authorities finally nabbed him earlier this month. He's currently behind bars in Seminole County.

We'll keep you posted on his four pending criminal cases. 

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