Mice taking over metro mom’s apartment

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A single mother of four said her apartment is being overrun with rodents.

It's a problem she said she's been dealing with for several months now at the Tuscany Village Apartments near Lyrewood and Wilshire.

It all started back on July 7 when half of Kanisha Johnson's apartment building went up in flames.

"It was people, still kids trapped up in the house over there," Johnson said. "They had to jump out the window and stuff. It was real scary."

To look at the building  now, you'd think it was condemned.

But one family still lives there, Johnson and her four children.

"It's crazy and it's scary and we shouldn't have to do this," she said.

All the abandoned apartments around Johnson remain open.

She said homeless people sometimes live there.

Trash and feces cover the floor of the surrounding apartments and the carcasses of some unwelcome tenants who moved in after the fire.

Johnson said they're taking over her home.

"You can tell the mommas and the daddies and the babies and the ones that just been born," Johnson said.

Rats and mice have chewed holes in her apartment walls.

While our cameras were there, a baby mouse scurried through a hole in the wall next to 3-year-old Laraja's bed.

Johnson said she even found some scratches on 6-month-old Lacy's leg.

"I didn't know they climb but they got into my baby's bed," Johnson said.

Johnson's cousin, Tony Johnson, has been helping her deal with apartment management.

"I noticed the mice when I first came through the door because one ran across my foot," he said. "You can just sit here and mice is everywhere."

Tony and Kanisha said managers refuse to move her to another unit.

He said, "You would let a lady live back here, a single mother of four children, and suffer with mice after we've complained?"

The manager of the Tuscany Village Apartments tells News Channel 4 he has offered to move Ms. Johnson before.

After we got involved, they spoke with Kanisha Johnson and agreed to move her to a different apartment with the same floor plan in about two and a half weeks.

They also agreed to waive her rent for the month of November.

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