Oklahomans rush to buy Powerball tickets

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OKLAHOMA CITY - In anticipation of Wednesday's record Powerball jackpot, Oklahomans have been flocking to the stores to buy tickets.

"I can't pass this up; it's too much to pass up, so hopefully I've got the winning numbers right here," Ron Benford said, who bought a ticket Tuesday morning.

Wednesday's jackpot is worth $500 million and expected only to rise.

The multi-state Powerball has never seen a jackpot this large.

"When it hits something like $400 million that's just an amazing number, and you know, people get all excited," Oklahoma Lottery's Rollo Reburn said. 

Your chances of winning are about 1 in 175 million.

You won't hear convenience store managers like Beth Lawson complaining.

She said it's fun to be a part of all the excitement. 

"They think they're going to get lucky and they do sometimes," she said. "I hope the win if from our store. That would be awesome."

Oklahoma Lottery: Powerball

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