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Doctor’s son accused of making over $300,000 in false claims

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma Attorney General's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit has filed charges against a man for billing false claims for eyeglasses it never made.

Robert Camp, Jr., 52, was charged in Oklahoma County District Court with 16 counts of Medicaid fraud.

"I think it's a lifestyle that this particular gentleman wanted to support," Assistant Attorney General Mykel Fry said. "He couldn't do it on his salary. He found an easy way to do it."

Fry said Camp, Jr., was the office manager for his dad, Dr. Robert Camp, Sr., at a now defunct optometry clinic at 2515 S.W. 59th St. in Oklahoma City.

Since June of 2011, Camp, Jr., allegedly billed false claims for eyeglasses and lenses for an amount that escalated nearly every month.

In total, he's accused of billing the Oklahoma Health Care Authority $359,459 in fraudulent claims for glasses that were never manufactured or delivered to medicaid recipients.

Red flags were raised when the clinic billed the state for 3,496 pairs of glasses even though only 524 pairs were made.

Fry said Camp, Jr., used the money to buy a house in Mustang, new cars, trips to a casino, etc., all with taxpayers' money.

"One claim had a child that was near-sighted and then the next claim, the child was far-sighted," she said. "Well that just doesn't happen."

When the clinic shut down last month, Fry said Camp, Jr.'s income went away.

"So he just got online one night and decided to bill another $7,000," she said. "We were able to stop that check from being issued."

Fry said Dr. Camp had no knowledge this was going on.

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