Town has running water again after days without

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KONOWA, Okla. – After two days without running water, the town of Konowa is wet again. 

Wednesday officials turned back on the water and said it will take about 24 hours for pressure to be restored. 

Residents should also boil the water before using it for over the next day or so. 

What kept the entire town without water? Officials said one valve had to be replaced. 

One valve, kept Konowa dry for days.

Workers were out replacing blow-back valves at the city wells Tuesday afternoon.

They were also looking for any pipe leaks.  

Mayor Virginia Simms said the city has a history of water problems but lacks the funding to make all the repairs at once.

“The water lines really need to be replaced,” Mayor Simms said. “The water meters need to be replaced. I mean everything is so old and so corroded.”

The city offered free water to residents at city hall. 

They also allowed people to fill up water jugs, pickup bottles of water and offered a place for showers. 

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