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Burglar breaks into church overnight

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EDMOND, Okla. - The Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and School in Edmond is a quiet place usually but their sense of security is now shattered.

An uninvited guest showed up at the church in the early hours of Thursday afternoon.

"We figure he was here for at least an hour and we do have a video camera that showed him looking around the place and going up and down the hallways, checking out each of the rooms," school director Debbie Swanson said.

She said the thief stole at least four cameras, a laptop, candy, coffee, a guitar and a banjo.

"We have a security system and my thought is that it just didn't get closed all the way and he just probably went around the building until he found a door that as open," Swanson said.

It all added up to about $4,000 stolen in one night.

"It just kind of felt like evil was walking in the hallways at that point," the church's leader, Rev. Barrie Henke, said. "That someone would do that and take other people's property like that, that really bothers me a lot."