Voters face felony charges

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NORMAN, Okla. - The election is over but tensions are still flying high in Norman.

The highly contested battle for House District 45 continued in court Friday.

Officials said dozens of residents are facing possible felony voter fraud charges.

This comes after Rep. Elect Aaron Stiles defeated Paula Roberts by only 16 votes.

Alicia Chandler and about 60 other Norman residents received subpoenas to attend a voter irregularity hearing.

She recalled what she was told in court, "'You all are facing the possibility of felony charges for voter fraud.' I thought, what are you talking about? I was shaking because I didn't know what was going on but I think it's something fishy and I'm angry. People had to take off work today for this."

Roberts' camp claimed to have evidence that some people eligible to vote weren't allowed and some residents moved, then voted in the wrong precinct.

"People who are going to vote are going to do our part and help society and she is attacking us when we didn't do anything wrong," Chandler said. "This is all because it didn't go her way."

Of those in question 10 voters testified at the hearing, some told News Channel 4 attorneys advised them to the plead the 5th Amendment or either state they might move back to their previous address. Chandler said everyone evoked their right.

Representative Elect Stiles doesn't trust Roberts' motives. "She didn't win on election night, she didn't win in the unofficial recount, she didn't win the official recount. Now she's trying to use our courts as a fishing expedition to see if there is anything out there that she can use to try to overturn this" said Stiles.

Roberts insists that's not the case. "Either we have rules that we follow or we don't and if we make rules then we ought to follow them," said Roberts.

She said the petition was filed because of what voters told her directly. "We feel very strongly that people should vote, and if they go to vote their vote should count and we felt like that didn't happen here. That's why we filed the contest

Chandler she's just fed up with the entire system. "I really want people to know this is the level they'll stoop to in politics."

We contacted the Cleveland County Board of Elections and we were told "The election board didn't do anything outside of the rules." The District Attorneys office did not have a comment. We're told the judge will make a decision on these allegations next week.