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Okla. ice rinks struggle with warm winter

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Although winter officially kicks off in two weeks, it's feeling more like early fall in Oklahoma.

While some may love these December temperatures, the weather hasn't been very kind to a couple of popular winter attractions.

The Marc Heitz Community Complex ice rink in Norman had to shut down Tuesday because of melting ice.

They're trying to raise money for the Assistance League of Norman, which takes underprivileged children shopping for clothes.

Meanwhile, the downtown Devon Ice Rink had to be shut down Monday because of warm temperatures.

Water on the ice created safety concerns, however, they reopened Tuesday afternoon and are crossing their fingers for colder weather.

"It's hot, but you can skate in a t-shirt," Myriad Botanical Gardens Marketing Director Christine Eddington said. "And I would just warn you that if you fall, you're going to get a little bit wet."

The Four Warn Storm Team said the drought is keeping the jet stream and colder air to the north but that could change this weekend with the arrival of colder temperatures.