Eight-year-old girls hear for first time

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OKLAHOMA CITY - From an orphanage in Ethiopia to Sand Springs, Okla., two 8-year-old girls faced another life-altering change Wednesday.

They heard words for the first time.

"Can you hear mamma?" 

That's the first sentence Ruby Shasteen heard from her mother, Chris Shasteen.

"Her eyes were just full of tears and she's just looking around trying to figure out, 'Where's this coming from?,'" Chris Shasteen said.

It was an amazing moment to witness.

Ruby's 8-year-old sister, Kate, signed in excitement knowing she was next in line to hear.

The two conquered their first step toward hearing two weeks ago at the Community Hospital in Oklahoma City.

That's where they got the Cochlear implant.

A device implanted into the ear that connects directly to the hearing nerve.

But before the life-Changing possibility existed, Chris and her husband, Al Shasteen, adopted them adopted the girls into their big family a year ago. 

Both girls were abandoned in a park, two weeks apart and were taken to an orphanage in Ethiopia. 

Now the pair can hear their siblings and themselves for the first time and their smiles show they are ready to switch the silence off.

Doctors said all ages can get Cochlear implants and insurance usually covers the cost.

That includes Medicare and Medicaid as well.

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