Large crooks use “girth” to shoplift from Walmart

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Authorities in two Oklahoma towns said they believe they have the same problem; two shoplifters hitting Walmarts and are using any means necessary to get away in the middle of the night.

Both crimes were caught on tape in Chandler and Purcell.

"We both have video and we believe they're the same two individuals," Chandler Police Officer James Wells said.

Wells said Walmart security video showed two large men stealing boxes from behind a photo lab, Nov. 13.

Inside, hundreds of copies of one of the world's most popular video games, Call of Duty, Black Ops II, all of which totaled a staggering value.

"Just over $10,000," Wells said. "It's the biggest one (theft) I've seen out there."

The two men can be seen sneaking out the Walmart garden center exit but the alarm went unnoticed by employees.

Wells said they drove off in a dark-colored SUV.

But also last month, police in Purcell said they believe the same two men stole thousands of dollars worth of high-dollar digital cameras.

Only this time, they said they suspect the men used their girth to smuggle the merchandise out of the store.

"Both of the gentlemen were large, so they apparently concealed the cameras somewhere on their bodies but because they were so large, it was hard to see how they did it," Purcell Police's Scott Stephens said.

Two stores hit in two different Oklahoma towns and police said they don't think the suspects are likely to stop now.

"If they've hit here and Purcell, they've hit quite a few others," Wells said. "Somebody will probably know who these guys are."

Walmart's corporate office had no comment but said they're leaving it up to authorities to investigate.

Anyone who recognizes those two men is urged to call police.

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