Residents worry animal killer on loose

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Is there another serial animal killer on the loose?

That's what some Quail Creek residents said they believe after several pets became sick or died.

Many think someone is poisoning these animals and owners have the vet bills to prove it.

Wende Thompson became visibly upset just talking about how one of her dogs almost died.

She said she believes someone reached over her gate and gave her dog, "Foxy," poison nestled in a candy wrapper.

She said the dog became very sick quickly and she rushed her to Quail Creek Veterinarian Hospital.

Dr. Doug Ruby, DVM treated Foxy.

Ruby said, "She required IV fluids and we ran labs that did indicate a spike in one her liver enzymes as a result of a toxin."

Thompson said she's not the only victim.

She said her neighbor has lost four cats recently; one by one they all mysteriously became ill then died.

As a foster parent for a Doberman Pinscher rescue group out of Bixby, it breaks Thompson's heart someone tried to kill the dogs whose lives she helped save once before.

"For someone to poison an animal is so cruel and they die a horrible death," Thompson said. "It is painful, they vomit, have seizures and they collapse. Their liver and kidneys fail too."

Dr. Ruby also said if you believe your animal ingested something harmful, it is important to keep any residue in order to have it tested.

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