School district report cards released

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OKLAHOMA CITY - We've talked about them numerous times, but now those A-F Report Cards on each district in the state are available for anyone to take a look.

Here in the metro, the district grades range from A to D.

Edmond, Deer Creek and Bethany all came out with an "A."

Norman and Moore both came out with a "B."

Mid-Del and Putnam City districts both received a "C."

Oklahoma City is at the bottom with a "D."

Maridyth McBee, with the Department of Education, said, "We're very proud of it. It took a lot of blood sweat and tears on everyone's part."

The grades are out and school districts are now looking ahead.

Sandra Parks, deputy superintendent with Oklahoma City Public Schools, said, "It's bothersome to us but we already have a plan in place."

A closer look at the grades shows it's all broken down into four areas.

The first is student achievement, which is based on those standardized tests.

Growth in achievement from one year to the next is second and whole school performance is another area.

It was mostly influenced by a district's high schools.

Lastly, the growth of the bottom quartile or those 25-percent who start the year below proficiency.

That section is one which seems to really pull down some schools.

"It's a challenge," McBee said. "It's harder to raise students from a low level to a proficient one."

Another area where numerous schools failed was in the performance of students on advanced placement exams.

McBee said, "We did notice hardly anyone was reaching the cut that we made."

Because of that, next year, there will likely be some changes to that part of the grading system.

And while Oklahoma City expects to see change in the long run, they are realistic about how much time that could take.

Parks said, "We're anticipating with the same amount of growth next year that we'll have a C."

They said there's really no value in comparing them to other districts in the area.

Parks said, "I think it would be wrong to say we should have an A at this point. I think we should be expected to reach an A."

These report cards will come out every year.

The Department of Education said since this was the first year, it took at little extra time to get the grades out.

Next year, they hope to have them out a little earlier in the school year.

If you would like to see your district's or an individual schools rating they are now posted here.  

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