SIGHTING: The search is on for missing kangaroo

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SHAWNEE, Okla. - Hope remains that missing kangaroo "Lucy Sparkles" might be alive, after two weeks missing.

Lucy was spotted on a deer camera shot on a property within a few miles of her home.

The joey went missing two weeks ago, on Thanksgiving Day.

Family members and volunteers have been searching a five-square mile are that straddles the Pottawatomie/Lincoln County line day and night.

Several volunteers have been camping out, spending the night looking for Lucy Sparkles.

"We're still living normal life, chasing three children, working our jobs, and hunting a kangaroo every day and every night." said Lucy's owner Shayla Menhusen.

Kangaroo experts say the Oklahoma weather probably won't be much of a factor in whether Lucy survives.

She eats leaves and grass and vegetation which is also readily available.

The biggest threats are cars and coyote, though Lucy could probably outrun a coyote.

Landowners have spotted kangaroo tracks in the same area where a deer cam caught a snapshot of Lucy.

Experts feel confident the animal caught on camera is definitely a kangaroo.

"We feel very solid that she's in the area close to home and she's alive." Menhusen said.

The Menhusen family and the Joe Exotic from G.W. Exotic Animal Park have organized a foot search for Friday morning.

They are hoping for 100 volunteers to help in the five square mile search, 60 hikers and 40 spotters.

The group will meet at Meeker Lake, which is seven miles north of I-40 and one mile west.

Shayla Menhusen is also contacting land owners in the area for permission to pass over their land.

If you are a landowner in the area between Kickapoo Street and Coker Road, and between Hazel Dell Road and East West 1060, please contact the Menhusens on their Facebook page if you would like to give them permission to search your land for the missing kangaroo.

Here's the Find Lucy Sparkles Facebook Page.

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