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OKC Mall Santas still thankfully and gainfully employed

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – With some parts of the country dealing with a still-sluggish economy, would it break your heart to see your favorite mall Santa be unemployed? 

A Mall Santa on the street with a cardboard sign could bring spirits down a bit, yes?

In St. Louis, that’s exactly what happened – when Crestwood Mall’s main residents closed up shop, the traffic died down to nothing. And with that, the need for the annual Mall Santa disappeared. While that Mall Santa is still seeking work, it’s a depressing sign of the times there.

We checked – and the Mall Santas at both Quail Springs Mall and Penn Square Mall are out in full force. If you’re planning on a Santa visit with your child this season, it’s the same as all years – the closer it gets to December 25th, the busier OKC Mall Santas get.