Police searching for woman caught on camera

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OKLAHOMA CITY—Police are still looking for a woman who can be seen on surveillance footage taking $180 off of a counter at an Aeropostale store at Penn Square Mall.

Kohl Francis wanted to take advantage of the holiday sales at the mall, so he saved up a bit of cash and went to Aeropostale to buy clothes.

When he reaches the counter, he takes out the $180 to pay for his items.

The cashier tells him about a special on shirts, which causes him to turn around and walk toward a shelf.

Although he was just a few feet away, a woman is captured on surveillance footage taking the money and leaving the store.

Oklahoma City police say they are still interested in talking with the woman on the video.

As for the store, they gave Kohl a $200 gift card to purchase those items that he had to put back.

Erin Thomas, said, “That was so so nice and we are so appreciative.”

As for the 14-year-old, he says he has learned a valuable lesson.

Francis said, “Keep your money in the pocket and don’t just put it anywhere where you can’t find it for any split second.”

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