National trendy clothing store causing waves in Oklahoma

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Flipping through a holiday catalog Lanette Shropshire expected to find Christmas trees, red bows and holly but a marijuana leaf, not so much.

“I wouldn’t want my younger children to see this,” Shropshire said. “It’s the time of year they open up every magazine and catalog that comes in the mail.”

But the cannabis wasn’t the only thing that caught her eye. A bright pink notebook dropping the F-bomb, a red Merry Christmas cup bearing the B-word and a purple journal using a different tense of the F-word also stood out.

“I was very offended by those words, we thought maybe the first time it might be a typo but then as we looked through there are many more,” Shropshire told us.

She said she is happy she got to the mail box before her younger children did.

Shropshire doesn’t order from the company and has no idea how she ended up on the mailing list.

It’s addressed to ‘current resident’.

She said she called Urban Outfitters and was given an email address to write in her concern.

We called and emailed the company too and did not reach anyone for comment.

However they have agreed to take Shropshire off the mailing list.

We showed the racy ad to a few people around the metro to get their reaction.

Clayton Cochran said, “Honestly it’s kind of funny but if kids could see this and it’s probably not the best idea to put in there.”

Some said it’s nothing school-age children haven’t seen or heard before.

“When I’m walking through the mall, I find stores that sell really inappropriate things and they let young teens in there and those things are full of things far worst than this ad.” Jacob Turk said. “I don’t think it’s that bad honestly.”

There is nothing illegal about the content of the ads.

However, parents are encouraged to become familiar with companies their children may shop with or browse online when they are by themselves.

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