OKC chiropractor accused of offering services for sex

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City chiropractor is accused of an indecent proposal.

Police said the owner of the chiropractic clinic on N.W. 58th St., Dr. Shandy Sells, offered to sell his chiropractic services to one patient in exchange for sex.

"To me it's just unacceptable," the victim said. 

That woman said following an appointment last week, Sells sent her a text message stating, "there has to be some exchange of value for the service."

When asked what he meant, Sells replied "I'm a man. HaHa"

Sells then elaborated, "Have a feeling you know how we operate."

"He said that a few times," the victim said. "He's a man, I knew how they operate. At one point I asked, did he want sexual favors for his services and he said, 'You tell me.'"

With the help of the police vice department, the victim returned to the office this week and allegedly got Sells to repeat his offer in person and on tape, leading to his arrest.

She said, "I asked him what he had in mind and he said, 'I'm a man, It's not rocket science.'"

"Our vice unit got involved because he was offering services for sex which is against the law," OKC police Master Sgt. Gary Knight said.

The victim hopes the bust teaches Sells a lesson in ethics.

"The way I felt, he was coming at me was like I had no other choice but to do this," she said. "I don't like feeling manipulated. No one likes to feel that way."

Sells has been released from the county jail on bond.

The victim told KFOR she spoke out because she said she worries this incident isn't the first time the doctor has propositioned patients.

A search of online courts records didn't show any evidence that the suspect has ever been charged with a crime in the past.

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