Two pipe bombs found on commercial truck

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Police diffused a potentially explosive situation Monday afternoon at a southwest Oklahoma City trucking company.

A truck driver who works for Magerus Trucking Co. Inc. found a pipe bomb inside his fuel tank but the threat didn't stop there.

A second pipe bomb was found underneath the cab.

The company said this potentially-deadly plan was most likely carried out Saturday night or Sunday night.

The first sign of trouble appeared when the driver started to fill his gravel truck fuel tank Monday afternoon.

"When he took the lid off to fuel, the wires were hanging down (out of the tank)," employee Charlene Lutke said.

She said the owner came out to the truck and pulled out a PVC pipe bomb.

It was painted black so it wouldn't be noticed inside the tank.

"If that gas tank goes, you know? Everything else is going to go," she said.

A second pipe bomb was soon found underneath the truck's cab.

Police said neither bomb was a hoax.

"Both of these pipe bombs were functional," OKC Police Master Sgt. Gary Knight said. "They were ready to go. Our bomb squad was able to dispose of both of them, destroy them and make the situation safe out there."

Lutke said while the truck was being driven Monday morning, the driveline apparently rubbed the second bomb's wires to the point of disconnecting it.

"That's pretty lucky," she said. "I'd say it wasn't his time."

The threat lingered in the minds of other truckers Tuesday morning.

"They were all a little skittish, you know," she said. "They just really were uncertain. I said, 'Well, you guys are just going to have to start looking under your trucks and around your trucks in the morning.' You can't trust anybody anymore, seems like."

Lutke said she has no idea about a motive but said she believes this had to be a personal vendetta against the driver or the company.

No arrests have been made.

Call Crimestoppers at (405) 235-7300 if you have any information.

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