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Deadly fumes put metro family in danger

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro woman and her mom are counting their blessings after they nearly became the victims of a silent killer, carbon monoxide.

Brenda Sexton said, "We didn't know it was probably killing us."

Brenda and her mom, Martha, were trying to stay warm.

Right now they're relying on blankets and space heaters after their gas stove had to be disconnected; it was emitting carbon monoxide in to the home.

A carbon monoxide alarm is likely what saved the women.

Brenda said, "At about 5:30 it went off. I read the instructions. It said hit reset and a minute later it came back on."

She called 911 and firefighters came out.

They found a very dangerous level of carbon monoxide gas inside the home.

OKC Battalion Chief Brian Stanaland said, "They were very fortunate that they had a carbon monoxide monitor."

"I always wanted a carbon monoxide detector but I never messed around and bought one," Brenda said. "So anybody that don't have one need to get one."

Brenda said she noticed recently the flame on her heater was burning blue and yellow, something fire officials said could mean danger.

"Anytime you have a gas appliance, you want to make sure the flames are blue," Stanaland said. "Any kind of yellow or orange in the flames will indicate the gas is not fully burning."

A new furnace will be installed hopefully by the end of the week, giving this mother and daughter a safe way to stay warm.

Brenda wants to thank Community Action for providing her with the carbon monoxide detector.

They are also the ones helping her get a new furnace.