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Fake cop pulls over, robs drivers in Moore

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MOORE, Okla. - Police in Moore are issuing a warning to drivers.

That's where police said a man is patrolling the streets pretending to be a cop.

In at least two different incidents this week, the police impersonator has pulled over drivers.

During one traffic stop, the fake cop robbed the driver, stealing his wallet.

"He presented himself as a police officer," Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis said. "Basically, from what we've heard, he conducted the traffic stop similar to what we would have done and then went on to rob the person." 

The next night at N.W. 12th St. and Jayneway, the same suspect, a muscular black man over 6 feet tall, driving the same car with red and blue flashing lights in the grill, pulled over a female driver.

This time the man presented himself as an undercover officer and made a lewd sexual proposal.

"He was able to get the female into the vehicle with him," Sgt. Lewis said. "Once she was in the vehicle, he propositioned her. That led her to exit the car and contact us." 

Moore police said they hope to find surveillance video of the suspect from one of the stops.

In the meantime, drivers in Moore are warned to be cautious.

"You know, they're basically using the trust the people have in law enforcement against us," Sgt. Lewis said. "It's definitely a bad crime for us. We just want people to be aware.  We don't want any more victims and we want to catch this guy."

The good news, neither victim was harmed in the two incidents.

The suspect has not used a weapon to commit the crimes.

Moore police said officers always use cars with overhead lights and police markings when pulling over drivers.  

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