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Oklahoma soldiers deploy to Middle East

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FT. SILL, Okla. - Five dozen soldiers with the 75th Fires Brigade out of Fort Sill are heading to the middle east.

At the deployment ceremony Thursday, Brigade Commander Alfredo Najera offered words of encouragement to his soldiers and their families in the audience.

"There are three things that I know for sure," Najera said. "Number one, I know the families will be taken care of. Number two, I know [the soldiers] will take care of each other. Number three, I know they will professionally accomplish their mission and return home to their families with honor."

Many of the soldiers being deployed have been to the middle east before, but for some like Specialist Isaiah Reed, this will be the first time overseas.

"This is what you sign up for, you know what I mean?" Reed said. "When you sign up you've got to consider the fact that you're going to get deployed."

Reed's mother, Allison Arthur, said she has prepared herself for her only son's deployment.

"There's nowhere in this world he can go that I won't come there. I already know what flight to take there," Arthur said.

The army could not give specifics about the mission, but said soldiers with the 75th Fires Brigade would deploy to several countries in the middle east before Christmas, and that those soldiers will remain overseas for at least nine months.