Residents find threatening flyers in mailboxes

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CHOCTAW, Okla. - Patricia Carr and her mother, Velma Reeves, said they are really mad about a flyer they found in their mailbox Thursday morning.

"This is really ridiculous, scaring people and making them feel unsafe in their own homes," Patricia said.

The flyer talks about a holocaust, FEMA camps, concentration camps and more.

It also states the reflective stickers on mailboxes around the area aren't just for use by newspaper deliveries but are tags from the government.

For their part, Velma and Patricia don't believe a word of it but they are mad someone would use their mailbox to try to intimidate them.

"Somebody like this needs to be dealt with," she said. "I really do think that. I think they need to be thrown in jail and dealt with just like a terrorist would be."

Investigators said the flyer may be considered "tampering with the mail," which is a federal offense.

The USPS is now working with local police to identify who is distributing the flyers.

Flyers have shown up in mailboxes in Choctaw and Harrah.

"I hope they're found and they should be punished in some way; I think they should be stopped," Velma said.

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