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Warrants filed for alleged Craigslist scammer

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Authorities have issued a warrant for a woman News Channel 4 has been tracking for months.

She's deemed the "Oklahoma Craigslist Scammer."

"She was scamming people out of money while posing as a landlord or home owner," OKC Police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow said. "She was taking deposits for houses that weren't hers."

During our first report, the woman seen in the video at one of the homes in question could not be positively identified because renters said she used several aliases.

But police said the woman accused is Suzanne Durazo who is also known as Suzanne Cross and Suzanne Vance.

She allegedly took $500 deposits from several people wanting to rent homes and when it was time to move-in, clients said she told them the home was no longer available.

In some cased they said she offered to give the money back but never did.

"Our white-collar crimes investigators have looked at this for quite some time now," Sgt. Wardlow said. "There's a lot of people involved and lot of victims."

Court documents show a list of people who said they fell prey to her scheme.

"It has been a long process but she does have warrants issued for her arrest," Sgt. Wardlow said.

If you have any information about this woman, police would appreciate your help.

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