District Attorney: Midwest City officer justified in shooting

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - The Oklahoma County District Attorney's office said they will take no action against an Midwest City officer recently involved in a deadly shooting with a suspect.

Technology is giving us an in-depth look at an officer involved shooting.

It happened Dec. 3 in a Midwest City neighborhood. 

Police said 42-year-old Bryan Don Scott deliberately set some clothes on fire which caused an explosion. 

When police arrived they said Scott was carrying a machete and what looked like a rifle.

Neighbors called 911.

911: "911. Is this a medical emergency?"

Caller: "I've got a man in my backyard with a gun."

911: "Do you know the guy?"

Caller: "I don't know the man, no, but my husband's out back with him. But there's been an explosion in my shop because of him. I don't know what was happening. Ooooh, but he's out of his mind. I think somebody needs to come pick him up. Hey, hey, hey, hey, what's going on?"

Officer Jeremy Zuniga was called to the scene; the events caught on his police car camera.

Police said Zuniga asked Scott to drop his weapons.

They said Scott refused to drop weapons and came toward Zuniga which is when Zuniga shot and killed Scott.

Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes said Zuniga did the right thing.

"Officer Zuniga responded with excellent training which was, in my opinion, a deadly situation," Chief Clabes said. "As you can see, he was armed with this machete and in his right hand a rifle which turned out to be a pellet gun rifle but at this time of day it appeared to be a regular rifle."

The District Attorney determined that deadly force was lawful and justified in this case.