Memorial fund for toddler killed in shooting accident

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UPDATE: A memorial fund has been set up in honor of 3-year-old Ryder Rozier. You can donate to the Ryder Rozier Memorial Fund at any BancFirst location.

GUTHRIE,Okla.-- Deputies rush to a home of another law enforcement officer and make a tragic discovery once they get inside.

It was just after 12 p.m. Saturday when Logan County deputies were called to a home on Derby Lane regarding a shooting.

Investigators soon learned the victim was a 3-year-old boy, Ryder Rozier.

Capt. Rich Stephens, Logan County Sheriff's Department, said, "He had apparently located a handgun inside the residence and succumbed to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head."

Officials said the boy was visiting his uncle this weekend, who happens to be an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman.

After learning about the accident, dozens of troopers showed up to the house to show their support to the family.

As detectives collected evidence, loved ones stood outside mourning, barely able to speak with police.

"They weren't really able to talk when I first arrived," Stephens said. "They were clearly in the grieving process, very distraught and understandably so."

While it was a gun that took his young life, Stephens said this tragedy is a lesson even for those who don't own weapons.

"Accidents happen when you leave any kind of tool lying around that can cause injuries." Stephen said. "Whether it's a hammer left on the shelf or a chainsaw or a knife left out in the kitchen, any type of tool can cause damage. In this particular case, it was a hand gun."

This tragedy serves as a reminder for everyone to always be proactive when storing deadly weapons.

He said, "Any type of preventive measures you can take to safeguard your guns will help."

While the shooting is still under investigation, authorities are not saying if this was a state issued handgun or one from the trooper's private collection.

Officials said it's not likely the trooper will face criminal charges as they believe this is very unfortunate accident.

OHP did not release an official statement but a representative said they are heartsick at this accident and they support the trooper and family during this difficult time.