Man arrested driving wrong way on I-40

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro man is behind bars in Canadian County after authorities said he was driving the wrong way down I-40, almost hitting dozens of drivers.

It was around 2:15 a.m. Monday when 911 calls started flooding in about the vehicle driving westbound in the eastbound lanes of I-40 near Morgan Road.

Tony Smith was one of the motorists who called 911.

He said he was driving westbound on I-40 when the vehicle came up behind him so fast, the driver almost rear-ended him.

"I'm doing 65 and he was on me like I've never seen anybody pull up on somebody before," Smith said.

Smith moved over to allow the driver to pass and sped up a little to keep an eye on him.

That's when Smith said he couldn't see the driver's taillights any more.

"Then I see him in the eastbound lane going westbound, head on traffic," he said. "I couldn't believe it. I mean, that's the first time I've ever seen it and I've driven many states in the United States."

Smith kept an eye on the driver while he traveled the wrong way on I-40 for about five miles.

Then he saw the man pull over.

"I'm like OK, good, he stopped," Smith said. "I mean before he could even put the vehicle in park, I'm over the cable barrier making sure he's not going anywhere."

Alfredo Trujillo, 27, told Smith he'd simply pulled over because he had to go to the bathroom.

Smith grabbed Trujillo's keys.

"He could've killed many, many people," Smith said.

Authorities said Trujillo was arrested for driving under the influence and that he had two pounds of marijuana and some cocaine in his car.

He was driving without a license.

Trujillo has several prior convictions of DUI and driving under suspension.

"Every time he passed a vehicle, I had to turn away just so I didn't see the accident," Smith said.

Smith is a former Marine and he said his only thought was to get the dangerous driver off the road.

He said he hopes Trujillo now stays off the road for a very long time.

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