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Okla. doctor said mental ills need more attention

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NORMAN, Okla. — While no mass shooting or tragedy can be compared to another, Dr. Farhan Jawed said shooters who carry out these crimes are often antisocial and in need of help from others.

“We should emphasize more in illnesses like depression, mania, psychosis, so that we can help these people at very young ages,” Jawed said.

Jawed has worked on a number of cases throughout his career and he’s even looked at the medical conditions that cause people to carry out crimes.

He said a person capable of an unspeakable act, like a school shooting, is often isolated and angry with society.

He said the crimes are often the only way the shooter feels he or she can make a statement.

“We have to put more and more emphasis on our children,” Jawed said. “Not only on their education but on their social and behavioral development. Many of these children that are already in an environment where they see violence and as the rate of violence is increasing these days, that becomes a natural thing for them.” 

He also said we as a society need to focus more on creating strong families and instilling morality.

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