Crews, drivers prep for snow

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City workers are preparing for a winter storm, treating bridges and roads in hopes of keeping ice away.

Also, many people hit the stores Monday, taking their own measures to combat the snow at home.

“We have snow shovels. We have ice melt,” said Blake Gibb.

“I’ve got some fire wood just in case we get out of power, and it’s just hard to know. We’ll be ready no matter what happens,” said another shopper.

The city pre-treated nearly 64 miles of bridges for ice and salted snow routes.

“We anticipate blowing snow which causes snow drifts. So we’ll prob be plowing snow. Tomorrow is a good day to stay at home,” said Mike Love, Emergency Management Specialist.

If you do leave home and hit the highway, there are some thing you need to put in your car in case you get stranded. Officials say take a blanket, a flashlight, some water in case you get thirsty and an extra jacket. That way if you do get stranded, you can keep warm while waiting on a tow truck.

Arrow Wreckers says tow drivers expect business to be backed up.

“Two hour wait is not uncommon. We try to get there as quickly as we can, but we are fighting the elements also,” said Danny Day.

Also, make sure your car has a full tank of gas in it before Tuesday morning because if you get stuck in the snow, you’ll need to keep your car running to keep warm.

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