Gift Cards For Guns Program in LA Nets Over 2,000 Firearms

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Courtesy NBC4 in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES — In the light of the Connecticut school shooting in Newtown, CT and the stance of the NRA on gun control, authorities in Los Angeles decided to offer something to its residents: gift cards that could be used for anything in exchange for firearms. No questions asked.

A total of 2,037 firearms were collected this week, including 901 handguns, 698 rifles, 363 shotguns, and 75 assault weapons. A rocket launcher also was surrendered. Yes, a rocket launcher.

Ralph’s Grocery Store gift cards were given out in exchange: $200 gift cards were provided for handing in assault weapons, and $100 cards were given for rifles, handguns and shotguns.

The LA-are buyback program has actually existed for more than three year, and the “firearm drive” generally occurs in May. The LA Mayor’s office decided to move that to December in wake of the recent school shooting.

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