Grinch steals from Oklahoma church

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MUSTANG, Okla.-- A thief targets a Lighthouse Baptist Church of Mustang just days before Christmas.

It was a classic case of a smash and grab break-in.

Now the church's pastor and congregation are hoping the public can help police catch this Grinch.

The thief was able to gain access inside the church by ramming a pick-up through the church's front doors.

Pastor Rick Carter Senior says they moved fast and swiped a computer, fax machine, and cash.  

“And then they got in this drawer right here and the cash was laying right here,” Pastor Carter said.

Lighthouse Baptist church also houses a small private school.

The stolen cash was supposed to help pay for things like teacher salaries, school supplies and computer software and equipment.

Angela Carter's children attend Lighthouse Baptist Academy and helped raise the money.

“They're frustrated because the work they do seems to be for nothing,” Angela said. “They come to you and say mom, ‘We worked so hard for that. I understand that.’ It just means we keep working hard and leave it with the Lord and see what he does.”

It’s a role this congregation is all too familiar with.

Thieves routinely target the building. 

Pastor Carter said, “They stole all our laptops from our school here about two years ago.”

The congregation is praying the culprit abandons his sinful ways.

Authorities are investigating, but so far no one's been arrested in connection with the case. If you have any information, please call Mustang Police.  

The damage to the church's building is significant and replacing the frame alone will likely cost about $5,000 thousand dollars.

Luckily insurance will cover a big chunk of that, but the church’s deductible isn't cheap.

Pastor Carter tells the In Your Corner team they're working to deter future break-ins by installing security cameras.

Now they just have to come up with the money.