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Sewage Backup Leaves Resident Needing Help

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A metro man says he is stuck living in an unhealthy situation. A week ago sewage backed up in to his apartment and he says still today no one has helped him clean it up.

While many of his neighbors were either not impacted or able to clean up the mess on their own this elderly Oklahoman says he simply can’t do that.

The man, who has asked that we not use his name, said, “I looked in my bathroom and it was just standing water.”

The resident says last week the sewer backed up, flooding the carpet in a portion of his living room.

He said, “I left a message on the recorder for emergency maintenance.”

He says it took three days for someone to respond, and he hasn’t heard from them since.
Oklahoma City-County Health officials say in the case of a sewer backup a resident could file a complaint through the health department.

Troy Skow, with the city-county health department, said, “We generally give them a heads up of 24 to allow the owner or manager to take care of the problem.”

Skow says a situation like this could really make someone sick. Skow said, “The exposure, the inhalation, the contact, it’s not a clean environment.” He’s says it takes more than just cleaning the carpet for the problem to be fixed.

Skow said, “Usually it’s the padding that cannot be reused. It’s like a sponge.”
Not only does the padding have to be removed, but the floor below scrubbed with a bleach solution to kill any bacteria. The floor then has to be dried thoroughly, to avoid any future issues with mold or bacteria growth.

Meanwhile, this resident is hoping something will be done soon. Our crew did speak with the apartment manager by phone this afternoon. The manager said she wants all of her tenants to live in a safe and clean environment.

She also said they have offered to replace the flooring in this particular apartment but that the tenant refused their offer. The manager said a crew did go out this afternoon to measure for new flooring and that as soon as the tenant gives them the approval they will begin installation.