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Firefighters battle flames, clutter in Piedmont blaze

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PIEDMONT, Okla.—Firefighters in Piedmont rushed to the scene of what was thought to be a trash fire.  Instead, crews found a home with flames shooting out of the attic.

Fire officials had to take a defensive stance immediately because of the intensity of the blaze.

Due to the home’s rural location, there was no water supply or fire hydrant nearby.

However, the home’s location was not the only obstacle.

Firefighters say the house was filled with stuff, which added fuel to the fire.

Batt. Chief Steve Lumry, Oklahoma City Fire Department, said, “There’s papers and magazines and bottles and cans throughout the house and in many places, it’s chest high and several places all the way to the ceiling.”

Authorities say it was very dangerous for anyone living in that sort of situation.

 “It also makes it extremely dangerous, not only for the occupant, if they were still inside, but also for our personnel to operate,” said Batt. Chief Lumry. “There’s always a chance of those stacks falling over them and trapping them. That stuff is extremely flammable and, as you saw here, it is extremely difficult to extinguish.”

At one point, crews tried to use thermal imaging to try to see if anyone was inside.

However, the search was called off because it was just too risky.

The home is a total loss.

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