Disturbance leads police to huge meth bust

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police stumble across a major drug bust.

It happened early New Year's Day.

That's when police arrested one man for trafficking a large amount of illegal drugs and cash.

It all started as a simple domestic disturbance.

The owner of a home on Linden St. allegedly ransacked his own property and disturbed neighbors in the process.

"I heard crashing, glass breaking and yelling; things were being thrown around," one neighbor said.

That neighbor didn't want to be identified but she first called police to the street.

"There's usually children and a woman in the home," the neighbor said. "I thought he'd been beating her, so I called the police and told them that's what I thought was going on."

"He was apparently tearing up the house because he was upset about a domestic situation with he and his wife," Oklahoma City Police Master Sgt. Gary Knight.

When police arrived and confronted the unruly suspect, Elias Amado, officers allegedly found packages of money totaling more than $425,000 and a large bag of crystal meth weighing more than 525 grams.

"This is an extremely large amount of drugs for a street officer to come across," Knight said.

Police said the large amount of drugs and cash found at the home is not the result of recreational drug use.

"This amount of drugs can negatively impact our city and the neighborhood," Knight said. "There are so many crimes that lead back to drugs or drugs sales."

Some who live in the neighborhood think the wife may have fled the state.

She is not yet charged with any crimes.

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