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Man helps rescue neighbor after house explodes

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro neighborhood is rocked by explosion.

The blast Thursday night leveled one home and damaged several others.

The homeowner, inside baking cookies, somehow survived when her home blew up around her.

After the explosion, one neighbor and one worker with Oklahoma Natural Gas jumped the fence to rescue the lady inside.

Thanks to their heroic help, the woman escaped with only a few cuts and bruises.

"We could hear her screaming and we went into the rubble to find her," neighbor Josh Zumbrunnen said. "The ONG guy told her to keep talking. I told her who I was to keep her calm. We found her on the floor under a whole bunch of debris."

Seconds before the home went up in flames, Josh helped carry the homeowner outside.

That's when a second ONG worker came to their aid.

"One of the other ONG guys broke the fence so we could get her though; she's pretty frail," Zumbrunnen said.

Retracing his steps a day later, Josh downplays his heroic acts.

He's simply relieved his neighbor survived the explosion.

"I think that should be everyone's job, looking out for each other and taking care of each other," Zumbrunnen said.

As for what happened and who caused the explosion, that officially remains under investigation.

Officials with the fire department, ONG and the corporation commission are all looking into the case.