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OKC moms participate in national Nurse-In

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Nationwide, breastfeeding mothers held Nurse-Ins at Hollister clothing stores including some in Oklahoma City.

Rachel Mcglothin proudly fed baby walker in the store. This all stems from a Texas mother who said she was rudely asked to leave the store while she nursed her child. The campaign quickly spread through Facebook.

One mother said, “We do get a lot of harassment I think the world has kind of shifted over to formula being the norm and breastfeeding mothers have been kicked to the curb and we’re told to go nurse in an unsanitary bathroom.”

Claudia Pembrooke sat next to the other moms feeding baby Isabel. She says its her right choose how she feeds her daughter. “I just want to help encourage and motivate new mothers to breast feed their babies and know that there is support out there and they’re not alone.”

Lara Gaston a registered nurse helped organize the OKC group. “It’s what the American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization suggests for moms and woman who are supported are able to breastfeed for longer and we need to support all the woman we can.”

As we talked to mall-goers no one seemed to mind them being there, others didn’t notice.

The mothers know there are critics out there who say — they should just stay home and feed rather than coming out in public. Mcglothin said that’s not realistic.
“For a while Walker (her infant) was feeding maybe every hour or so I couldn’t base my entire life going out in that short amount of time. I had to take care of and sometimes its takes longer than that window and he gets hungry.”

With legislation passed in 2004 and 2006, the Sooner State has laws that protect nursing moms. Gaston said, “It makes me glad to be in Oklahoma where I have not had this Problem.”

We contacted Hollister but have not heard back from anyone yet. We understand the Nures-In happened over the weekend so we look forward to speaking with them. Several moms told News Channel 4 they reached out to them before the Nurse-In was planned.