Nazis Plan Texas March

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MIDLAND, TX — The National Socialist Movement (NSM) revealed they’ll be holding a fully-uniformed public demonstration within the next two weeks in either Midland, Odessa or Big Spring, Texas.

The NSM is a white-pride group often associated with the KKK and Neo-Nazis. Over the past week, they’ve been distributing controversial fliers in Odessa in order to recruit new members.

Equal rights advocacy group, Una Voz Unida, is spearheading a coalition to counter NSM’s words.

Their “first responders” will be able to drop what they’re doing at a moment’s notice and head over to the demonstration with anti-hate signs and banners alongside them.

“We don’t know how large they are and we don’t know what to expect but it’s just scary to know that they’re here. We’ve never seen this sort of ‘rally’ here so we don’t know what to expect but we want to be prepared for just about anything,” Art Leal with Una Voz Unida, said. “We’ll try to gather together as many people as we can to get there and counter demonstrate. [The NSM’s] message is to blame blacks, immigrants, Jews and Muslims for a lot of the national problems that we have.”

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