Toilet stops up traffic

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CHICKASHA, Okla. - Chickasha police said they get a lot of calls into their department but never one quite like this.

A concerned citizen called the law about a toilet.

"We drove through town and it was there still."

In fact, a lot of people drive through the busy intersection.

It is one of the busiest ones in town which is probably why somebody carefully placed it in the middle of a median.

However, pictures are worth a thousand words.

They also make the rounds on Facebook.

Nobody knows why the toilet was placed there or where it came from but police said they believe it was definitely a very deliberate act.

"Maybe to see everyone's reaction," one passerby said.

"Normally people will discard trash on the side of the road but this is a porcelain toilet," Chickasha Police Major Elip Moore said. "If they had thrown it from a vehicle, it would have busted. Whoever placed it there deliberately placed it there with care."

Police said they had the public works department remove the toilet from the intersection.

While it is a crime to litter, they said finding the person who did it does not exactly rank at the top of their priority list.

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