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Couple survives crash, desperate to find beloved pup

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CLINTON, Okla. - A Georgia couple is now in an Oklahoma City hospital after surviving a major car crash in Clinton.

It happened on New Year's Eve at Mile Marker 57 on Interstate 40.

Their car is crushed and battered and doctors said it's amazing Rachel and Ron Riddle survived the accident. Missing pup

However, their thoughts are on the one family member who is still unaccounted for, their beloved pup. 

High school sweethearts, the young couple married two years ago. 

Instead of children, they have Heavy Duty, or HD for short, a 16-week-old Pomeranian.

Ron is in the military based in Georgia so they took HD across country to visit family on the holiday but crashed on the way back.

Rachel said she was driving and hit a patch of black ice; the car rolled three and a half times. 

Missing dogRon has two broken legs and Rachel walked away with a broken elbow and collapsed lung.

The fate of their pet is unknown.

"He's very strong and I know he's OK," she said. "They checked the entire area for him and there's no body. I just know he's OK."

The family will be in Oklahoma City for up to a month while Ron learns to walk again.

In the meantime, they hope someone finds HD.

"He's like our little boy, we take him everywhere," Ron said. "He always ate dinner with us."

Missing dog search

"We should not have made it out of that accident," Rachel said. "If we can get our dog back too, I just want our family together." 

If you see the Pomeranian, call Friends for Life Sanctuary at (877) 653-3527.