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Great State: Orangeade Always in Season

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KINGFISHER, OKLAHOMA -- It might be a slow lunch rush at the Medic Pharmacy.

Maybe they need to re-think the taco salad special, or maybe folks are just busy doing something else in early January.

But those who do come in, almost every single customer, asks for something this little soda fountain has made famous, an Orangeade.

"You can't come in here without having one," says a customer at the counter. "I come in every week," agrees her lunch time friend.

Amy Wilzcek is the 'mixologist' on this particular day but she didn't really need any extra training.

The Kingfisher style Orangeade has been around for as long as anyone can remember, partly because it's so simple.

She starts with a cup full of ice. Then, "a few squirts of simple syrup (sugar and water), fresh squeezed orange juice, fill the rest up with regular tap water and stir it up." That's it. But it's sure held on.

Medic Pharmacy used to be Tom's Drug, which used to be something else before that.

Another customer, Marie Cooper, couldn't recall a time when she couldn't get one. "Everyone ordered an Orangeade," she said. "And you still do?" asks a visitor. "Not always." she admits holding her Dr. Pepper.

Old time soda jerks learned to make things fast.

The best of them, the Dr. Peppers, the Cokes, and Pepsies stuck around for generations.

The Orangeade might not be quite as famous but, around here, those few quality ingredients make for something just as refreshing.