Man beaten and dragged behind truck in Florida

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NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL — Deputies in Volusia County, Florida say a man was beaten and then dragged behind a truck Tuesday night. Authorities arrested 54-year-old Robert Hall’s 61-year-old ex-wife, Jeanette Morris, and her brother, 63-year-old Harold Anderson, in connection with the attack near New Smyrna Beach.

Investigators said Morris still lives with Hall and learned he had another woman over while she was away. Morris, Anderson and Hall were all drinking together when the duo suddenly attacked the victim, according to officials.

Deputies said Morris and Anderson beat up Hall, waved a gun around and used a stun gun on him. Then tied him up and dragged him from the back of a truck for about a half mile, according to authorities.

Hall told authorities that at one point Morris and Anderson stopped the truck and were overheard saying that they were going to drive and find a hole to bury him in.

“He had been tied up and Tased. Tied up and drug down the road by a pickup truck and then they were going to kill him. That’s what he told me,” said neighbor Tyler Shevlin.

Investigators said Hall managed to get away and run to Shevlin’s nearby home for help.

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