Need a job? Okla. Co. sheriff has positions to fill

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office is in need of more than just a few good men and woman to fill their staff.

Sheriff John Whetsel said, "We have a lot of jobs for people who want to go to work."

The sheriff is looking for people who are willing to work one on one with inmates in Oklahoma County.

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The sheriff's office is working to fill two back-to-back detention officer academies.

Whetsel said, "If we have people that are out of work looking for work, obviously you can't have a criminal background. We're looking for 50 to 60 employees."

It is considered an entry-level position with the department but one that could easily grow into the job of your dreams.

Whetsel said, "It's just one of those things were it gives you a chance to get involved in law enforcement. We'd love to be overwhelmed with applicants."

The jobs come with full health benefits, paid holidays, retirement and a decent salary; not to mention six weeks of paid training.

Whetsel said, "You have to be in at least fairly good shape but it's not a boot camp."

The sheriff said those 50 to 60 positions are not easy to fill.

In fact, they find it hard to get qualified applicants who are willing to be hands-on when it comes to the inmates in this county.

Though the sheriff said he hopes by getting the word out the positions will quickly fill up.

He said, "It's a great opportunity."

The starting salary for detention officers is a little more than $2,200 per month.

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For information on how to apply you can contact the sheriff's office at (405) 713-1093.