Newschannel 4 viewers help family after fire

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Newschannel 4 viewers helped a family get back on its feet after a fire destroyed the family's apartment on New Year's Eve.

Lakissia Sims and Shelibra Cole were away visiting friends when a candle set their apartment on fire just before midnight, December 31.

We told their story last week, and since then generous viewers have given the family new hope.

"We started getting calls from viewers saying they had stuff they could donate to us," Sims said.

"It's just amazing that people really would reach out and help like they did," said Cole. "I thought Oklahoma was mean, but I see they're not mean, because we've been blessed."

After the fire, the Red Cross put the family up in a hotel until their apartment complex could find them a new unit to live in.

Meanwhile, Channel 4 viewer Tonia Crusoe contacted the family and offered to give them all of her furniture.

"[I did it] because I could," Crusoe said. "I had the furniture and I could give it to someone who needed it."

The school Sims' kids attend, Greenvale Elementary, provided clothes, books and toys for the family.

Other viewers helped fill their wardrobe as well.

Lakissia said she thinks the family will be okay now, as long as they can pay their rent.