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Pay It 4Ward: Woman honored for helping others in need

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Inside a building on N.E. 23rd St. is a woman on godly mission.

Her name is Marilyn Long and she runs the Northeast Resource Center.

She feeds the needy right out her front door at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

She has a special computer room where the unemployed in the area can perform on-line job searches.

She helps inmates find work release to get them back on their feet and employed.

And she does almost all of this on her own dime.

That's why resource center volunteer Reginald Mitchel nominated her for Pay It 4Ward.

Pay It 4Ward is a program through which KFOR-TV viewers can help someone they know who could use extra cash immediately.

Each week someone will receive $400 cash because one of their friends or co-workers wants to “Pay It 4Ward.”

Just send us your name and daytime telephone number below and you could be selected from our weekly Pay It 4Ward segment on KFOR-TV News Channel 4 every Wednesday at 10 p.m.

Here's hoping you'll be able to Pay It 4Ward!

Remember, you cannot nominate family members.