Jury recommends 245 years for convicted child abuser

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MONROE,  Okla.—A father who was convicted of child abuse and neglect may spend the rest of his life in prison based on a recommendation from the jury.

The jury deliberated for only one hour before convicting the Monroe man of three counts of child sexual abuse and nine counts of child neglect.

It recommended the 62-year-old father serve 10 years for each count of child neglect and 155 years for the sexual abuse charges, adding up to 245 years in prison.

The man and his wife were arrested in 2011 after their children were found living in a camper filled with trash, spoiled food and feces.

Last week, the mother entered a blind plea of no contest to the charges.

Sentencing for both parents is scheduled for Feb. 22.

Their names are not being released in order to protect their children.