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20-year-old killed in OKC home invasion

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A 20-year-old man was shot and killed early Monday after a burglar or burglars broke into the home where he was staying.

The victim, Anthony Hartfield, Jr., was in town visiting family near N.E. 46th St. and Lottie, according to friends.

Oklahoma City police said after kicking in the door, the burglar(s) encountered Hartfield nearby, shot him, then fled.

Friends of Hartfield told us they think Anthony surprised the burglar(s), who wouldn't have been expecting him in the home.

"I'm p***ed off," family friend Tanya Patterson said. "What would you be if somebody kicked in your daughter's door and shot your people up?" 

Other friends were more subdued in their reactions.

"Things happen," friend Leo Patterson said. "You know, people are hungry and there's a lot of things going on out here. We've just got to keep our heads up and pray to God, you know? Whoever done this, they're wrong for it and God is going to get them."

Police have launched an investigation but have not shared any suspect information.

Friends of Hartfield told us his father's girlfriend and her young children were also in the house at the time of the shooting.

If you have any information that can help police, you're asked to call Crimestoppers.