London helicopter crash claims two lives

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LONDON—A helicopter plows into a construction crane before crashing onto a busy street in London near the River Thames.

The chopper went down around 8 a.m. Wednesday, which is rush hour for many commuters.

Police say the helicopter hit a crane on top of a high-rise building, sending debris crashing onto a least two cars below.

At this point, we know two people are dead and nine others are injured.

We’re told the helicopter was trying to land because of the fog

Matt Harverson said, “We were sitting having a coffee about half past seven and we just heard an explosion. It sounded like a fighter plane flying over, and we just heard a loud explosion and we thought there’d been a terrorist attack and we came straight out onto the main road, and there were these huge plumes of smoke.”

Fire consumed the chopper and a car on the street.

One person was rescued from that vehicle but the pilot and one other person on the ground were killed in the crash.

Officials say they are looking into whether the light on the crane was working at the time of the crash.