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Edmond man arrested for making mass shooting threats

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EDMOND, Okla.—An Edmond man is behind bars after allegedly making some serious threats against a judge and two local attorneys.

Authorities say 42-year-old Christopher Arthur Durham was taken into custody after his attorney told sheriff’s deputies about a conversation he had with his client.

Attorney Chris Reser said Durham was very upset and realized his lengthy divorce case was a “lost cause.”

Durham allegedly told Reser that the judge and his wife’s attorneys didn’t realize what he is capable of because he was “capable of doing things along the lines of what just happened in Newtown, Connecticut.”

Authorities said he was referring to the school attack that killed 20 school children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Durham was taken into custody after authorities investigated Reser’s statement.

Mark Myers, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, said, “Obviously, as a result of the investigation, the investigators felt that what was said was quite serious. They also determined he had the knowledge and ability to carry out such a threat he made against these folks.”

Durham remains in jail without bond.

He faces three counts of threatening an act of violence to do physical harm.

He is due back in court on Valentine’s Day.

Durham worked as a teacher at Epic Charter Schools in Oklahoma City.

Once school officials learned about the accusations, school founder David Chaney said Durham was terminated.

“Once we were made aware of the situation we uncovered that and moved swiftly to take action because clearly that’s not acceptable,” Chaney said.

The school notified parents and re-assigned the students to different teachers.